A period event on Bexhill's Edwardian sea front & town from 10am - 6pm

Saturday 22 July 2017



Current Records

  • 319

    Blue Mountain, Lithgow 2014

  • 503

    Bexhill-on-Sea, UK 2015

  • 975

    London, UK 2015

  • ?

    Bexhill-on-Sea, UK 2017

Welcome to the website of the Bexhill Roaring 20s. We are pleased to announce that our event will be returning on Saturday 22nd July 2017. And we will once again be looking to retake our world record. We got close in 2016, with 825 people taking part.

To keep up-to-date with the latest information on the 2017 event, please visit the 2017 event page and click the ‘interested’ button. In addition, you may wish to check out our Bexhill Roaring 20s Facebook page.

Roger Crouch, Alastair Hazell and the Bexhill Roaring 20s team.

1066 Country’s flagship event is back for 2017…

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2017 Charleston World Record Routine

Our Debonnaire Dancers demonstrate the routine for our 2017 world record attempt below. For those who learned the 2016 routine, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s the same.

For the story behind the Bexhill Roaring 20s, visit this Bexhill Roaring 20s history page.